I have been attending the Chiropractic Clinic since the 9th September 2023 last year.

I decided to come and visit the clinic to seek advice and treatment for lower back pain and discomfort.


I am extremely happy to say that my condition has been rectified. Since coming for treatments I have felt a gradual improvement in my condition with each session covered. I have also been provided 3 daily exercises to complete at home which has also proved very beneficial.


I make sure to keep on coming regularly to the clinic for maintenance care, as I have found it helpful to get good advice and support from the Chiropractor as well as being treated.


I would say benefit of regular maintenance is that it has benefited my body and mind from the experience I have received from attending the clinic.


If I had to give one statement of my experience with Juliette , it would be that she was warm and friendly from the first meeting. Listened to me, taken notes and then put into practice a course of treatment to deal effectively with my condition.


I have found the front desk to be very friendly courteous, and to act in a professional manner and informative way at all times.