First Visit


At the first visit, the patient is requested to arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill in a simple registration form. The patient is then taken to the consultation room for a detailed consultation about the history of their condition and general health.

The patient is asked to remove outer clothing, leaving underwear on, and put on a gown with the opening towards the back so the spine is visible. The chiropractor will make a thorough assessment to get the best insight into the patient’s condition, examining the bones, nerves, muscles and spine. They will use light finger pressure to determine the alignment and position of the vertebrae to find out if any are misplaced.

If X-Rays are needed, consent from the patient is obtained and the X-Rays are taken on site. This first visit may take up to 45 minutes.

The second visit and treatment to follow

After the first examination is complete, the Chiropractor requires time to study the case and the X-Ray findings to arrive at a working diagnosis.

At the second visit, the Chiropractor will discuss the condition with the patient and show them the X-Rays. This second appointment is called the report of findings visit.

The Chiropractor discusses with the patient the X-Rays and a diagnosis. If the patient can be helped with Chiropractic care, the Chiropractor will often begin treatment. He or she will use a range of gentle manipulative techniques to return misplaced vertebrae to their normal position.


Advice on home care is given, with the patient advised to apply either a cold pack or hot water bottle, as appropriate.

The patient is given a time to attend a Health Care Class one evening. This class is recommended to all patients, as this is where the Chiropractor explains how to care for the spine in the long term. The second visit may take about 30 minutes.

Subsequent treatment visits often do not require as much time, unless the condition needs longer treament.

After the first visit, patients may not need to change, unless a new condition is being examined.