In May of 2018, 4 years ago, I first visited the Chiropractic Clinic to see if they could identify the cause for the terrible lower back pain I had been noticing more and more frequently.

Once I had received my first adjustment, I instantly felt relief and less pressure on the lower back area. I have a very physically demanding job role so it was very necessary for me to attempt to rectify my condition, or at least improve it. Throughout the years that I have attended the clinic, I have noticed that treatments definitely improve the issues that occur within the lower back area, however if I fail to keep up with my maintenance care appointments, the aches and pains return due to the nature of my work. This emphasises the importance of maintaining that routine of ensuring your spine health is up to date and constant.

My experience at the Chiropractic Clinic has been outstanding! Each and every staff member, from the Chiropractors to front desk, have been so helpful and welcoming which was incredible for my first few sessions at the clinic as it made me feel settled and comfortable. Dr. Sodha is such a nice gentleman, we have such a friendly relationship now due to spending a lot of time together over the past 4 years. As a whole the Chiropractic Clinic is a wonderful place to be with an amazing atmosphere.

I would highly recommend the Chiropractic Clinic for any aches and pains your having!

- Billy